THEM - Black 909 80mm Urban Inline Skates
THEM - Black 909 80mm Urban Inline Skates
THEM - Black 909 80mm Urban Inline Skates
THEM - Black 909 80mm Urban Inline Skates
Them Skates

THEM - Black 909 80mm Urban Inline Skates

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The newest addition to legendary skater Jon Julio's independently owned inline skate company: Them Skates. 

This all new boot was co-designed with Kyle Sola was built off the successful 908 model but with a new lacing system that offers a more traditional look while offering the much loved "flex points" from its predecessor. 

The boot construction is made with thicker plastic in the most relevant places, both for better wear and for performance. 

A new vertically adjustable cuff allows you to use it in a high or low ride position, depending on your preference for flex and support and allowing you to ease pressure points so commonly experienced when flexing at the ankle on grinds.

Dual sized shell sizes come loaded with liners that have stretchy neoprene toe panels to allow for two feet sizes in one shell.


  • Shell & Cuff: UPDATED TPU Impact Resistant Plastic.
  • Them 80mm frames with integrated plate that mounts directly to the boot for a strong and secure fit. 
  • Them Liner V4: Re-positioned to allow the heel to sit further into liner, for increased security. Wider tongue with increased padding provides a improved cushioning and comfort. Re-shaped cuff reinforcement provides improved structure and articulation.
  • Them Wheels: 80MM /90A Wheels 
  • Bearings: Abec 5 Speed Bearings
  • New updated metal buckles with THEM branding.


Size Chart:

  • Extra Small Shell: UK4 - UK5 / US5 - US6 / EU38 - EU39
  • Small Shell: UK6 - UK7 / US7 - US8 / EU40 - EU41
  • Medium Shell: UK8 - UK9 / US9 - US10 / EU42 - EU43
  • Large Shell: UK10 - UK11 / US11 - US12 / EU45 - EU46

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