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STANDARD - White Omni Complete Antirocker Aggressive Inline Skates

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Created by the team behind 5050 Frames, Chroma wheels and Compass frames and wheels, the Standard Omni inspired by all the greatest skates but purpose built for where skating is today. Utilising eight new molds and dozens of unique parts, the Omni is a complete skate that’s distinct yet familiar.

The Omni was created to work for as many skaters as possible. The plastic shell has been purposefully designed with extra room in the toe box and heel to allow for a roomier fit. Yet by making the plastic around the lacing area thinner, the Omni is encouraged to hug your foot every time you lace up.

Inside the shell, our Comfort liner incorporates a plush, heat moldable cuff along with a neoprene toe. This provides a luxurious fit across any of our four shell sizes. 

The Omni is a classic design with modern lines, paying tribute to some of the best skate designs over the years while keeping the boot uniquely Standard. The most unique visual trait on the Omni is the painted base. The base of the boot is recessed to allow for the soul plate to wrap around the toe and heel without adding unnecessary volume. The base is painted an accent colour to make even a black skate something special. This paint is protected by the soul plate, and can be easily painted over whenever you want to freshen up your skates to match personal style.

The Omni provides a generous soul on both sides allowing skaters at all levels the confidence to lock on souls and negatives. However, we’ve managed to maintain a sleek, compact aesthetic by flowing along the contour of the boot. The bottom edge is then angled up from the outside to meet the frame giving every grind a little extra Juice.

For groove tricks, the plates have a flat side with a subtle pocket to lock consistently on any object. You’ll love the stable feeling when squatting a back royale on a ledge, and the groove will keep you from slipping out of any torque. Designed by skaters who know how grinds should feel.


Construction: Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Cuff: Low
V Cut
Liners: Comfort Mesh
Neoprene Stretch Toe
Non-slip Base and Heel
Integrated Locking Laces
Heat Moldable: Yes
Closures: Locking Cuff Buckle
Flexible Lacing
Weight: 1196g (Large Boot)


Name: Standard Aggressive
Construction: Glass-Filled Nylon
Mounting: UFS
Removable: Yes
Wheel Setup: Rounded 58mm 90a
Molded 44mm antirocker
Max Wheel Size: 58mm
Axles 8mm


Boot: Small 26.1cm - US 6/7 - EU 39/40
Medium 27.2cm - US 8/9 - EU 41/42
Large 28.5cm - US 10/10.5 - EU 43/44
X-Large 30.0cm - US 11/12 - EU 45/46
Frame: Medium 250mm - Small/Medium Boot
Large 270mm - Large/X-Large Boot


STANDARD - White Omni Complete Antirocker Aggressive Inline Skates STANDARD - White Omni Complete Antirocker Aggressive Inline Skates STANDARD - White Omni Complete Antirocker Aggressive Inline Skates

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