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STANDARD - White Omni Aggressive Inline Skate Soul Plates

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Replacement soul plates for the Omni skates. 

Sold in a pair of plates, with foam dampeners and hardware. 

The Omni provides a generous soul on both sides allowing skaters at all levels the confidence to lock on souls and negatives. However, we’ve managed to maintain a sleek, compact aesthetic by flowing along the contour of the boot. The bottom edge is then angled up from the outside to meet the frame giving every grind a little extra Juice.

For groove tricks, the plates have a flat side with a subtle pocket to lock consistently on any object. You’ll love the stable feeling when squatting a back royale on a ledge, and the groove will keep you from slipping out of any torque. Designed by skaters who know how grinds should feel.


  • Small: 26.1cm - US 6/7 - EU 39/40
  • Medium: 27.2cm - US 8/9 - EU 41/42
  • Large: 28.5cm - US 10/10.5 - EU 43/44
  • X-Large: 30.0cm - US 11/12 - EU 45/46
STANDARD - White Omni Aggressive Inline Skate Soul Plates

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