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SPITFIRE - Classics 53mm/99D Skateboard Wheels

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The best skateboard wheels in the market. No doubt about it. 


  • Size: 53mm
  • Hardness: 99DU (hard) 
  • Sold in a set of 4 wheels

Made with Spitfire's Formula Four compound for unmatched abrasion resistance.

  • Fewer flat spots.
  • More controllable grip.
  • Lasting speed no matter the terrain.
  • Smooth anti-slick slide and a longer lasting size and shape.

Sold in a set of 4 wheels, bearings not included. 

Spitfire Shape Guide:

  • Classic: The default choice for most street skaters. The most common shape in skateparks. The Classic shape is versatile, with a medium contact surface and rounded lips. A good all-round wheel for all-terrain skaters. If in doubt, the Classic shape is a good choice since it is not oriented towards any particular discipline.
  • O.G.Classics: The original shape from the good old days. A larger surface area than modern Classics. A good all-purpose wheel too.
  • Conicals: Larger ground contact area than Classics with straighter cut angles. The "Conical" shapes are the descendants of the skate wheels popular in the 70s. Dedicated to the street, to roll, slide and wedge more easily on the ledges.
  • Conical Full: Same concept as the Conicals, but with even more contact surface. The wheel that offers the most grip and control at high speeds, available in sizes up to 58mm.
  • Radials: Rounded edges, and a slightly larger surface than the classics. The compromise between Classics and Conicals. A slightly smaller contact surface than equivalent size Conicals.
  • Radial Slims: The slim version of the Radials, about 3mm thinner. Lighter, super responsive for slides. The most playful wheels.
  • Lock-Ins: Spitfire Lock-Ins are clearly less common. They are distinguished by an asymmetrical shape and a conical design. Behind these barbaric words, it should be understood that one of the two sides of the wheel is cut straight, leaving the bearing almost flush, while the other is more rounded. One side for snuggling up when grinding, and the other for versatility while riding and for slides.
  • Tablets: Square skate wheels! Or almost. The angles are very straight, a wide patch contact. The wheels that block the most for grinds. Straight out of the 90's, for grind and coping buffs.
    SPITFIRE - Classics 53mm/99D Skateboard Wheels

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