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ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves

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The Carrera globes are minimal, lightweight, protective, and unobtrusive and are designed for confident, veteran inline skaters looking for palm protection, these gloves give you everything you need and nothing else to weigh you down or get in the way.

The glove is highly breathable, with a fingerless design and incorporating a permeable material on the top of the hand, this glove will help keep you cool while you’re skating, even on the hottest days.

For even the best inline skaters, falls happen. To protect your hands from scrapes and abrasions, the ENNUI Carrera Glove features a highly resistant microfiber material on the palm, and a removable plastic cap. To protect the top of your hand from scratches and injuries, the glove includes knuckle inserts. The glove is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to limit the movement of their wrists or fingers but still want essential protection to their hands for falls at high speed. This versatile glove is recommended for all types of inline skating (aggressive, urban skating, speedskating, freeskate, skate cross), roller skating & skateboarding.

Sold in a pair of gloves.

ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves ENNUI - Carrera Skate Gloves

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