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CREATE ORIGINALS - V4 Black UFS Aggressive Inline Skate Frames

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Graphic Inserts:

The world's first and only Graphic Display UFS frame. The patent pending Graphic Insert and Display System allows you to insert, display, interchange, and replace graphics, while protecting them from wear and tear, with a slide-in, shatterproof, clear protective shield. The display system is recessed inwards from the sidewall grinding surfaces to further ensure protection. Since each set of frames possess four graphic display options, that can be interchanged and individually replaced, you have the ability to limitlessly and constantly express your individual style. Most importantly, you have the ability to create and insert your own designs! The possibilities are literally endless.


  • Stronger, lighter, & greater wear resistance 
  • Minimal side wall contact design ensures the fastest & smoothest grinding experience.
  • Completely symmetrical, rotatable, & replaceable single piece core chassis construction.
  • Precisely angled & curved center H-Block pocket ensures perfectly balanced groove tricks.
  • Thicker inner side wall & H-Block construction than previous versions.  
  • Wide split system.
  • Patented custom graphic display system allows for easy switch out & endless custom graphic options.
  • 57mm max flat rocker, 59mm max anti & freestyle setup.
  • Includes 8mm UFS axles & aluminum frame spacers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sold in a pair of frames.
  • OPTIONAL 4 water resistant graphic inserts with customizable blank underside & 4 shatterproof, slidable, clear protective shields to protect graphic inserts. +RM25 per set. 


  • SMALL (270mm frame length / 242mm wheel base / for skates between US9 and below)
  • LARGE (292mm frame length / 264mm wheel base / for skates US10 and above)

Graphic Insert Options (+RM25):

  1. Piascik "Doodle"
  2. Junkyu "Magenta Wave"
  3. Chynna "Porcelain"
  4. Sprout Neon Yellow on Black
  5. Camouflage Black
  6. Kelso "Control"
  7. White Scriptbrush on Red
  8. Red Scriptbrush on Black

CREATE ORIGINALS - V4 Black UFS Aggressive Inline Skate Frames CREATE ORIGINALS - V4 Black UFS Aggressive Inline Skate Frames CREATE ORIGINALS - V4 Black UFS Aggressive Inline Skate Frames

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