WICKED - ABEC9 Skate Bearings

WICKED - ABEC9 Skate Bearings

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The Wicked ABEC 9 bearings are the highest rated in the ABEC collection. It is one of the best multi-purpose bearings on the market. The ABEC 9 rating stands for the lowest manufacturing tolerances, which is a quality feature for fast spinning and long-lasting bearings. This quality bearing is made of high-quality chrome steel featuring a nylon cage and is lubricated with Kyodo grease.

Sold in a set of 8 bearings for 4 wheels. Inline skates and roller skates will require 2 sets of bearings for 8 wheels. 

These skate bearings are suitable for most wheeled sports equipments such as:

  • Skateboards, cruisers, Penny and longboards.
  • Fitness, freestyle, recreational, slalom and aggressive inline skates.
  • Stunt scooters.
  • Waveboards.

Click on the MESSAGE US icon at the bottom to make sure this bearing fits your needs. Please note that each wheels uses two bearings, for skates with 8 wheels, two sets are required. 

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