BLOOD ORANGE - Skateboard & Longboard Bushing Sets
Blood Orange

BLOOD ORANGE - Skateboard & Longboard Bushing Sets

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Blood Orange bushings are poured from the highest quality American made urethane available. Hardnesses range from 85a (extra soft) to 90a (extra hard).

Cone bushings are the most responsive shape in the Blood Orange lineup. This bushing shape is designed for riders looking for fast, agile turning and quick pumping. The trimmed design of the cone offers less resistance against the truck while turning, which gives the rider access to the full turning capabilities of the truck they are riding.

Barrel bushings provide a perfectly balanced ride in terms of lean, stability, and resistance. Most downhill riders pushing their skills for bigger thrills look toward our barrel bushings when customizing their setups. Mixing and matching different duros provides riders with the best all around feel when looking for increased stability while still allowing a good amount of lean.

Softer bushings make the trucks more agile whilst harder bushings provide more stability. Mix and match the shapes and hardnesses to create a custom ride for yourself. 

Will fit most longboard and skateboard trucks.

Sold in a set of 2 matching (same hardness/shape) bushings. Purchase 2 sets for 1 skateboard.

Available in the following hardness and shapes:

  • Purple - extra soft - cones
  • Light purple - soft - cones or barrels
  • Light orange - medium - cones or barrels
  • Orange - hard - cones
  • Yellow - extra hard - cones or barrels 

Normal price RM45 per set, now only RM20. 


Order more than RM100 to get FREE shipping within Malaysia! 

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